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Heaven Sent Construction Tampa, FL

Who We Are

Heaven Sent Construction is a local family-owned wholesale construction company located in Tampa, FL. Heaven Sent Construction was founded by Florida native Francisco Diaz who has been in the construction industry since his youth. Our vision is to be kingdom leaders in providing property owners in the Tampa Bay area with our highest level of workmanship and accountability as we oversee every detail of our projects, from planning to completion.

We specialize in the art of building quality homes catered specifically to the needs and requirements of both qualified investors and government affordable housing initiatives. With our deep understanding of the housing market and our commitment to delivering excellence, we take pride in providing exceptional housing solutions that can be easily sold or rented out.

When you team up with Heaven Sent Construction, you can expect us to provide exceptional construction services while holding up to the core values of our company. These values are integrity, dependability, character, accountability, and offering industry-leading service to our clients. We are grateful for all of our customers who have trusted us with their projects, and we treat every home we work on as if it were our very own.

Our company believes in giving back to the community through community service projects and events. We have established a youth discipleship program for young individuals to learn the trades of roofing and wholesale construction and how to interact in the professional world. We help give them the tools to succeed in all future ventures.